Exploring Ancillary Services in Vended Laundries

David Shulick

Vended laundries provide professional-grade, high-quality washer and dryer units available to customers at the touch of a button or the drop of a coin to clean clothes, towels, bedsheets, and other linens. But these facilities can house more than just laundry machines. In fact, there are several ways to expand such a business and offer enhanced services to customers. David Shulick explores examples of ancillary services in vended laundries.

Examples of Ancillary Services in Vended Laundries

The possibilities for ancillary services in vended laundries are nearly endless, limited only by one’s imagination! These added services can offer additional revenue to the laundry business through direct additional purchases, and by keeping customers occupied and entertained and therefore present at the business for a longer period of time. Below are just a few suggestions of such products.

Additional Payment Options / Credit Card Machines

The days of old-school coin purses may finally be over! Installing credit and debit card machines or even additional electronic payment options like smart phone apps such as Apple Pay, Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo can provide ease and flexibility to customers who may not want to carry a stack of quarters. This added option could be a huge draw to younger customers looking for more accessible, high-tech options.

Coin or Change Machines

For those who still want to pay with coins or cash, vended laundries should consider installing a few coin machines so that customers can exchange for the exact change they need to operate their machine of choice. Remember, vended laundries were once called “coin laundries” for a reason.

On-Site Laundry Furniture

Customers need a place to sort and fold their laundry once it comes out of the machine. Tables and bins for sorting are a thoughtful and efficient addition to a vended laundry facility, providing a solution for customers from beginning to end. Comfortable chairs for waiting are also a must.

Vending Machines

Small conveniences can go a long way for customers waiting for their next load of laundry to complete. Vending machines can provide vended laundry customers with a variety of snack and beverage options for them to enjoy as they wait. Plus, these machines can provide an added bit of profit for the business owner. One might also consider serving coffee.

David Shulick

Entertainment Options

Much of a customer’s time at a vended laundry is spent waiting for their clothes to complete a cycle. The business can provide entertainment solutions like televisions, arcade games, and wireless internet to keep customers busy and engaged without leaving the premises. Books and magazines available for free or for purchase would also be a lovely, personalized touch for guests looking to minimize their screen time.

In Conclusion

Vended laundries can provide customers more than just access to high quality washers and dryers; they can be a destination for snacks, entertainment, recreation, and more. Vended laundry businesses should consider providing a range of options for guests, to increase the customer base, keep customers happy, and increase profitability.

David Shulick
David Shulick